• How it works

Select a picture for your artwork

To get the best results, choose a high-resolution picture of yours so we can get better facial details. You can send us a picture of your loved ones or your cute little pets also for a portrait and submit it to our website.

Own your Artwork

We have gone a step ahead to know you better. Are you looking to gift the artwork to your loved ones with your name or their name on it? In a selected range of art styles, we would love to offer you an option to add your or your loved one’s name on the final artwork or even provide you with an option to change the background colour of your artwork.

Know the process of your picture into an artwork

  1. We will work on your painting by hand, with each stroke done from scratch using a stylus and graphics tablet.
  2. Once we complete the artwork, we will email you the artwork for your approval
  3. If you have any slight changes, inform us within 2 days of our email so we can change and send you the final artwork. If we don’t get any mails for changes within 2 days, then we consider that we have impressed you and proceed with printing your order.
  4. After your approval, your painting gets calibrated with the latest technology and printed with our best quality paper to ensure that your artwork lasts for years to come. 
  5. In addition, we will send you a digital file of your final approved artwork which you can use to share on social media accounts

Kindly Note: We put our heart to each artwork and create customizable artwork for you. So we cannot make a return.

Shipped at your doorstep

We aim to deliver your painting with the utmost care in sturdy mailing tubes. Your order will reach you in 3-5 working days or maybe even sooner in Norway.

Bad Image Vs Good Image

Photography tips that will transform your artwork

We are focused on creating your portrait that you can treasure for many years to come. To ensure this, one of the most important things in commissioning your portrait is to ensure we can work from a good photograph. Here are a few of our tips:

Photographic angle:

Always remember to send us the photo taken at your eye level. To get the best portraits out of the picture, avoid photos in top angle, low-angle and long shots as it looks unflattering and unnatural to the eye. The best angles are the ones where you or your loved ones are looking straight or with the head slightly tilted to one side looking past the camera.

Picture resolution:

The key to getting a beautiful portrait done is the quality of the photograph as the best quality pictures give detailed facial features for us to work with ease and deliver the portrait that you are 100% satisfied. Make sure to send us sharp images.


Try clicking pictures in natural lighting, preferably outdoors. The ideal time is on a bright overcast day but not in direct sunlight as this will make your picture look unfavourable for creating the portrait. Another key point to take is to always turn your flash off while taking the picture. We would prefer to receive a picture that was not taken on direct sunlight or with flash ON as it masks a lot of details (unnatural shadows and colours) and can often result in the dreaded red-eye or eye glowing effect.

We hope you enjoy exploring our store and get the best portrait done with us.


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